💊 Pill


Medication, Meds, Support, Healing, Prescription, Tablets, Drugs, Capsule

💊 Meaning: A rounded cylindrical pill, designed half in red and the other half in yellow. The 💊 Pill emoji represents oral medication, medical tablets, meds, supplements, drugs, etc. It may also signify recovery, “under medication”, physical and mental stability as well.

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How and When to Use the 💊 Pill Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone to ‘take precaution’, about a prescription, or even advising them against self-medication, use 💊. Like, “It’s always best to carry cold medicine 💊”, “Go to a doc, man 💊 Stop acting like one” or “Send me a picture of the prescription 💊”.
  • The concept of a ‘prescription’ could also be used in captional phrases. For instance, “I’m sorry. I don’t remember being prescribed your regular dose of negativity 💊. Byeee” or “Prescribe yourself a steady dose of self-love from today 💊”.
  • You can use 💊 in the context of medication for mental health as well – “If you’re happy and you know it, thank you meds 💊” or “We’re in this together 💊”.
  • Since 💊 also represents illicit drugs, it could also be used in metaphorical interpretations of the same. For example, “YoUr LoVe Is My DrUg 💊” or “Gimme hugs not drugs 💊”.
  • Also, 💊 fits perfectly into literal and figurative frameworks of capsules and capsulation.

Other Names

  • 💊 Meds
  • 💊 Medicine
  • 💊 Tablets
  • 💊 Pills
  • 💊 Happy Pill
  • 💊 Drugs
  • 💊 Medication
  • 💊 Capsule