💑 Couple With Heart


Love, Relationship, Commitment, Affection, Persistence, Union, Togetherness, Romance

💑 Meaning: A facial description of two half faces belonging to two identical people with the same outfit and hair (can vary on different platforms), while there’s a big heart taking up space between their heads.

The 💑 Couple With Heart emoji refers to a couple who are either dating, in a serious romantic relationship, or even married. It signifies commitment, love, affection, strength, and a special and sacred bond.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 💑 Couple With Heart Emoji

  • Are you sharing an anniversary post with your significant other, a birthday post, or an appreciation post for the same person? Then, you can use 💑 in the post caption or within a tweet too.
  • You can use 💑 while reposting or retweeting a really sweet post about a couple. It can be anything, #couplegoals, or just a picture or two elderly couple who “made it!”.
  • Use 💑 while celebrating weeksaries and monthsaries too!
  • 💑 can be used while sharing a post or tweet about your favorite celebrity couple as well, either from a fictional series or real life.
  • If you came across a cute couple post on your social media feed, you can use 💑 while sharing it on your social media story, or commenting on that post, or sharing the same with a friend via direct message (DM).
  • You can also use 💑 while sharing an iconic picture or video of a couple that makes you want to fall in love all over again. Like “Who remembers this iconic scene?? Doesn’t it make you want to tear up and hug a tree?? 💑

Other Names

  • 💑 Couple in Love
  • 💑 Lovers
  • 💑 Gender-Neutral Couple
  • 💑 Romantic Relationship
  • 💑 Couple Goals
  • 💑 Partners
  • 💑 Married Couple
  • 💑 In a Relationship
  • 💑 In Love

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