⚓ Anchor


Grounded, Hold Together, Keep in One Piece, Ship Anchor, Calming, Mentally Stable

Meaning: A thick grey structure with a loop on top, followed by a short horizontal bar and a long vertical line that joins with an upward curve ending in arrows on both sides.

The ⚓ Anchor emoji represents the device that helps keep a boat/ship in place. From a larger perspective, this emoji essentially signifies anything or anyone that keeps something or someone grounded.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the ⚓ Anchor Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a birthday post or an appreciation post for someone who’s always kept you grounded and emotionally safe, you can use ⚓ in the caption. For instance, “For always being there and always keeping my head out of the clouds, thank you ⚓”.
  • Similarly, you could use ⚓ while saving the contact number of that one person who’s your anchor.
  • An anchor could also signify a hobby, passion, and even one’s career. So, you can use ⚓ while posting about any of these aspects or even while texting someone about it. Like, “I just cannot go a single day without music. It keeps me from losing my mind ⚓”.
  • While breaking the ice with a romantic interest or anyone for that matter, you can use ⚓ while asking them “What’s that one thing that keeps you one piece?⚓” or “What keeps you mentally stable? ⚓”.

Other Names

  • ⚓ Moor
  • ⚓ Berth
  • ⚓ Harbor
  • ⚓ Ship Anchor
  • ⚓ Drop Anchor
  • ⚓ Tie Up
  • ⚓ Anchor Oneself
  • ⚓ Heavy Weight Dropped From a Ship
  • ⚓ Fishermen
  • ⚓ Admiralty Pattern Anchor