🩲 Briefs


Underpants, Undergarments, Swimming Costume, Comfort, Leisure

🩲 Meaning: A green brief with a pair of circular cuts for the legs and a plunging ‘V’ cut in between. The 🩲 Briefs emoji represents underwear that’s either worn as an undergarment or even as swimwear. It signifies male undergarments on the whole.

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How and When to Use the 🩲 Briefs Emoji

  • If you’re sharing content on male underwear; a brand repost, a post about the different styles, a video on underwear fashion, etc, you could use 🩲 in those contexts.
  • Undies generally convey a sense of nudity (not exactly, but you get the point), given the plain reference to this piece of clothing. If you’re sharing pictures of underwear models (or yourself), use 🩲.
  • If you’re texting your buddy about the underwear drought you’re undergoing, use 🩲 – “I NEED to go underwear shopping RN!!! 🩲”.
  • If someone’s texting you about showing up unexpectedly at your place, and you’re making an honest suggestion about what a terrible idea that would be, use 🩲. For example, “Um. I’d rather you inform us before you drop in. We’re generally not presentable otherwise 🩲”.

Other Names

  • 🩲 Underwear
  • 🩲 Swimwear
  • 🩲 Swimming Underwear
  • 🩲 Undies
  • 🩲 Underpants
  • 🩲 Knickers
  • 🩲 Y-Fronts