🩱 One-Piece Swimsuit


Swimming, Pool, Woman’s Swimwear, Swimming Costume

🩱 Meaning: A sleeveless emerald green swimsuit showcased with an hourglass figure and a slightly broad ‘V’ crotch cut at the bottom. There are also a pair of white lines from the sides of the chest to the lower half.

The 🩱 One-Piece Swimsuit emoji represents female swimming gear that’s generally used when one goes for a swim. It suggests a pool, swimming classes, etc. Also, this emoji doesn’t exactly signify leisure, but a sport.

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How and When to Use the 🩱 One-Piece Swimsuit Emoji

  • If you’re posting something about a swimming pool; a picture of the one in your backyard, a picture of the pool at your staycation, etc, you could use 🩱 in the caption. For example, “Aaand our pool is all set! 🩱”.
  • A swimsuit could also signify summer! So, if you’re typing out a summery status, a picture of a summer vibe, a video of the best summer swimwear, etc, 🩱 can be used in all those contexts!
  • If you’re texting someone to go out for a swim or to join some classes, 🩱 is handy (if the person you’re texting is someone who wears a one-piece swimsuit). Like, “I think the best you could do this summer, is learn how to swim. Please. 🩱”.
  • If you’re sharing posts or reposts of swimsuit fashion, 🩱 is a mandatory emoji among other appropriate emojis.

Other Names

  • 🩱 Swimsuit
  • 🩱 Woman’s Swimwear
  • 🩱 Swimwear
  • 🩱 Swimming Costume
  • 🩱 Swimmer’s Costume