😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji Guide

The best way to end a conversation is always with a smile 😊

We’ve all heard so many things about flexing our orbicularis oris muscle, or the mouth muscles, upwards. We even preach about this facial exercise, no matter how over-rated it could possibly get. We always keep the faith strong and the message going when it comes to smiling.

Instagram and Facebook captions have innumerously been all about smiling and wearing a smile, especially when the post itself has an evident smile in it. We talk so much about smiling and judge faces that don’t smile, even when we’re not consciously aware of our habits.

We even believe ourselves to be hardly dressed without a smile. Tough times are said to get easier with a smile. A smile can change, a smile can revolutionize, a smile can invite, a smile can attract, a smile can do so much that just by reading all this, we’re all smiles.

Smiling has indirectly influenced us so much.

But what’s the hype about this emotional response? Why is it the most favored and socially loved facial expression? What’s so wonderful about smiling and the 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji? Read on to know our analysis of it all.

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Meaning of 😊

We just ranted about the wonders of smiles and now, there’s an addition – “smiling eyes”. We’ll get to that a little later, but for now, 😊 smiling eyes and a smile.

The 😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emoji expresses genuineness. It’s a heartfelt smile that shows emotion not just with the mouth but with the eyes as well. 😊 is a happy expression.

😊 is a warm smile, that’s both welcoming and pleasant. It’s devoid of any triggers like “too many teeth”. 😊 signifies friendliness, politeness, approachability, and acknowledgment.

It’s also the perfect response to any message from anybody, irrespective of the relationship. This emoji aces at sociability because of its warmness. Hence 😊 is the ideal emoji response in times of doubt. It’s the perfect fix for an emoji fix.

Interesting Facts About 😊 Smiling

nick fewings WqO0As9Od8U unsplash

As introduced, smiling is an over-rated expression. Everyone’s always talking about it, but strangely, no one’s running tired of preaching and practicing it. These facts may be some reasons why.

  • 😊 Smiling can help help you live longer.
  • 😊 A smile is an unspoken gesture of cordiality.
  • 😊 It takes 26 muscles to smile, but 62 muscle to turn that curve upside down.
  • 😊 If you’re ever feeling down, forcing yourself to smile will instantly put you in a good mood (now, this may not always work. Smiling with a different emotion on the forefront will only worsen the emotional situation. Let every emotion breathe)
  • 😊 If you want to seem like a nice person, smile. It attracts people, including the wrong ones 😊.
  • 😊 Smiling is the popular symbol for happiness. Which counter-answers why smiling could be assumed for happiness, and not the other way around.
  • 😊 Smiles are also symbols of politeness. Given the general pressure of people pleasing, a smile could indicate politeness, but here’s the catch. A smile can be faked in the easiest of ways!
  • 😊 Smiling is the general way of having bigger (if not better) social circles. People who smile often are considered more friendly and hence can have more friends.
  • 😊 Not all people necessarily find smiles attractive (how bow dah)

All hate aside, smiling is wonderful. It’s a beautiful expression of not just happiness (which is what makes it a little irrational and annoying) but also of contentment, joy, love, peace, and inner happiness.

Smiling is the indicator of wholistic happiness and not just of the “social happiness” we know of and largely support. A genuine smile is the most obvious mark of wholesome inner happiness. Such a smile never ceases to radiate happiness from self-contentment and not only with the world around, and that’s what truly fuels all the mentioned facts.

😊 Smiling Eyes 😊

nelson gono 1iiq1scZLfU unsplash

Both the name and illustration of the emoji aim to convey and re-emphasize the ‘smiling eyes’ on this otherwise smiling face. Those smiling eyes are what make 😊 a genuine and warm smile.

Psychology, the science of facial expression, and our own experience with genuine smiles hint at authenticity when the eyes smile with the mouth. This is the mark of an original smile, one that flows from an internal positive atmosphere.

Besides, a smile that accommodates smiling eyes can never be faked. If it is, it would be quite obvious. This little trick is virtually the best way to spot a genuine smile in real life.

However, an honest emoji is not always backed by an honest emoji. So, the distinction can be a bit of a challenge, online.

Can You Tell the Genuine and From the Fake 😊?

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As discussed in the previous section, a genuine smile is frequently communicated with smiling eyes and that kind of smile is easy to detect in real life. 😊 embodies a genuine smile. But, as we said before, it’s not always roses and smiling eyes, in the digital world.

When someone familiar sends an emoji they don’t normally send, you’re likely to figure out the newness of the situation, depending on how close you are with the other person.

For instance, “Oh, that’s great to know, mate 😊” in a context that involves you ditching a plan for the third time. Now, you know the context, and hence will know, for sure, that 😊 DOES NOT mean what it’s supposed to. Now, that’s a fake 😊 right there. It’s a purposed sham because the sender would mostly want you to notice the sarcasm.

But in situations where you’re texting someone new or not very familiar, 😊 may seem fake because of your negative experience with the emoji in the past. However, there’s a chance the person sending it may not be intending on a negative impression at all. 😊 might be their genuine way of interacting and expressing. So, in such cases, 😊 is genuine.

Nonetheless, a conversation with a stranger can be doubly illegible, because the person could mean anything and you may or may not read them right the first time. But, in most cases, you would be able to smell a rat when someone uses 😊, all depending on the context. Which again is tricky because, you know, we’re only human.

Is 😊 a Blushing Face?

The 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji does, in fact, have a tint of red on the cheeks which may indicate a blush. Hence, showcasing 😊 as a blushing face, which is not entirely wrong either.

When someone blushes, they are temporarily blinded by their own glued eyes and they also have a tightly held smile, which tends to ‘red-wash’ the entire face, and especially the cheeks. The infamous rosy cheeks. That same facial appearance is seen in 😊.

So, this could work as a blushing emoji, but only contextually and not universally (because otherwise, 😊 would just be the blushing face emoji and not the smiling face with smiling eyes emoji).

What Does it Mean When Someone Sends 😊?

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Now that we can tell between a heartfelt 😊 and a fake one, to a considerable extent, let’s talk about why someone would send 😊 in the first place, and what it means when different senders (based on your relationship with them) use 😊.

When a Stranger Sends 😊

The 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is a neutral expression, given that it holds a socially accepted face; a smile. So, when someone you don’t know sends 😊, then it’s a good sign.

The sender respects the present “social distance” but is also warm, friendly, and polite, despite the unfamiliarity. When a stranger replies with 😊 or begins a conversation with this emoji, it’s most probably a sign of amiability and nothing else.

When an Acquaintance Sends 😊

There are two broad scenarios in this section:

Scenario One – The person is used to sending emojis and sends 😊.

Scenario Two – The person hardly sends emojis, but then sends 😊.

The first situation is cool. It’s the sender’s customary way of ending polite sentences or using 😊 within the sentence to show warmth and friendliness.

The second situation, ain’t that cool. If someone uses emojis rarely, trust us, they’d know. Emojis flood the current social media scene and when someone isn’t part of that flood, they’d know.

This means, they are well aware of their seldom emoji uage, but then one day, they switch and send an emoji, the 😊 emoji. This could hypothetically suggest either one (or more) of the following:

  • They’re super pleased and insanely impressed by the context, and it genuinely made them smile.
  • They’re starting to like you and are hence breaking down the “wall” a little with each emoji.
  • They like your company and are beginning to feel that connection.
  • They were just bored and wanted to use emoji for once.
  • If you’re an avid emoji user, they’re probably trying to imitate and with that, hopefully impress, and thus escalate the current status of the relationship (which ever kind it may be).

When Someone You Know Well Sends 😊

Here’s a crazy thing about emojis – they’re a lot like words.

When we regularly spend time with someone, we begin to notice patterns in their communication. They may have “word phases” where they use the same word in almost every conversation for a certain period of time. They may have some favorite words, they may have their own unique way of expressing emotion, and so on. It’s the same with emojis.

We begin to see “emoji patterns” with the people we regularly text or ‘talk’ with over chat. We begin to register and remember when someone uses their emojis and when they don’t, especially if it’s the little things for us.

Sometimes, we also observe favorite emojis the other person may have. They may also use certain kinds of emojis and stay completely oblivious at least with you about the other emojis on the list. With this “emoji closeness” in the backdrop, the receiver would know when 😊 is a typical emoji use-case and when it’s weird.

When it’s typical, it’s no cause for concern. The emoji would just show that the person you’re texting is happy, joyful, content, warm, and positive.

But when it’s weird, you may observe that something may not be right. They could be using 😊 to convey something that can only be consumed upon repeated questioning and overflowing concern from your end. For instance, “Oh. It’s nothing. I’m serious. I’m fine 😊”. Or, they’re beginning to like this 😊 emoji and want to use it more often than they currently do.

What Does it Mean When Someone Sends Multiple 😊?

Hey, I just want you to know that what you did meant a lot to us.
Oh, man. No problem. It was a pleasure 😊😊

Those two emojis at the end of the reply could mean many things, exaggeration and emotional emphasis are two extremes of the lot.

The texter may apply more than a single emoji when they’re desperate to break the digital wall and convey the appropriate emotion to the appropriate extent. A “squared emoji expression” is usually the case, as compared to three or more emojis. Two emojis in a row are the general manner of showing extra emotion.

So, when someone sends 😊😊 or 😊😊😊😊, it could be directly proportional to the amount of friendliness they’re feeling at the moment or even the level of politeness they’re trying really hard to express. But again, it’s a virtual conversation and anything is possible.

Based on all that, it is palpable that when someone sends more than one 😊, it’s usually a multiplied expression of what the emoji stands for basically. This means the person is experiencing the emotion of the emoji to the extent they’re applying the latter.

How to Use 😊 Correctly?

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When you’re the sender, by all honesty, we recommend straightforwardness, even with emojis. Text in itself is a neutral communication mode and is hence already a challenge to decode sometimes.

So, when you use emojis without genuine emotion, it can multiply that challenge, which is often read as a red flag, especially if you want the conversation to last.

If you’re feeling particularly positive, if you’re honestly warmed by something, or if you’re sincerely appreciating something or someone, you can up that openness a bit with 😊. This emoji also works perfectly for all the times you’re truly happy for someone or about something.

However, if the intention is to blush, then this emoji would require relevant verbatim, without which, 😊 is just a fuzzy and happy smiling face. That’s the general understanding of the emoji.

Types of Smiles

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We may not always talk about this, but there are different types of smiles. If we stretch each muscle of each type, we’d find so many sub-types of smiles as well. Every smile, as unique as it is, greatly varies in its meaning and significance based on the intent behind the smile.

Much like how there are different types of smiles in real life, we have different “smiling emojis” corresponding to the popular and contrasting smiles, if not all of them. Each smile emoji holds the upward curve at different angles and that makes all the difference.

😃 Grinning Face With Big Eyes Emoji

The defining quality of this emoji is the eyes. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. The emoji’s big pair of eyes express excitement, surprise (not to mention, a pleasant one), euphoria, and a sense of adventure and bubbliness.

😃 is the smile you’d have towards something you’re doing for the first time (especially if you always wanted to do something like that). It’s the smile of enthusiasm and eagerness. 😃 is the face of a tough but positive breakthrough of any kind and in any measure.

😁 Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

This one’s not a smile, but a goofy and playful grin. A wide-toothed grin. 😁 evokes exuberance. It’s a face that’s beaming (indeed) with joy, exhilaration, and a slight but strong streak of child-likeness as well.

If you think about it, children out-smile adults many times. They’re unafraid to show their teeth no matter what. They’re confident in themselves and their bodies (until they’re taught otherwise) while they’re amiable with the surrounding. 😁 resonates with the same essence behind a child’s smile.

😄 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

If you’ve ever laughed at something that warmed your heart, made your day, or even made you feel better in the moment, you’re likely to have a warm smile devoid of any emotion and intention except to show gratitude and appreciation. 😄 is that kind of a smile.

The expression on this emoji could, in reality, let out a laugh, but one that ends too soon and often without a sound. It’s a warm smiling laugh of sorts.

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

Now this one’s a smile that’s hard to decipher. The resting bitch face that finally comes alive with the same amount of resting joy would have 🙂 as the expression.

It’s the “smile” that could be happy, annoyed, disappointed, disgusted, or hateful and we’ll never know the end of it. 🙂 is a “slightly” smiling face for a reason. There’s a slight reason for the upward curve, but just not enough.

😀 Grinning Face Emoji

We may have seen images or stills showing broad smiles with a good amount of teeth shown, but with expressionless eyes in many places offline and on-screen.

In most cases, it wouldn’t have been a comfortable piece of content to consume, but it was on screen and it wasn’t too bothersome. But to hold that blank, wide smile in real life could be borderline terrifying. So, going by the real imagery of 😀, we could narrow it down to a creepy smile.

In Conclusion

The 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is the warmest smile of the lot. It has its own presence when used in the right contexts and not to forget, with emotional authenticity.

It’s the ideal response to almost anyone unless someone specifically dislikes the emoji or dislikes using it. 😊 is the perfect emoji when you want to be polite, warm, and friendly, without exaggerating or undervaluing the situation.