✒️ Black Nib


Writing, Penning Down, Quills, Signature, Sign Up, Literature, Writer, Words

✒️ Meaning: The silver nib of a fountain pen with black detailing attached to the black pen, that’s usually cut short to the top part of a fountain pen or restricted just to the nib.

The ✒️ Black Nib emoji represents the act of writing with a pen. It focuses on the nib to highlight the process of penning down thoughts rather than the art of calligraphy or stylising one’s writing. Hence, this emoji may not be targetting terrible handwriting.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the ✒️ Black Nib Emoji

  • While sharing posts about writing or even post captions that solely talk about writing, bring in the ✒️. Like, “Nothing makes me feel more alive than a book, a pen, and complete silence”.
  • ✒️ would be a mandatory addition to contexts that surround literature. If you’re posting or reposting informative content about literature or even posts about writing events, use this emoji in the caption.
  • You can also use ✒️ while asking your audience(s) to sign an online petition, a text message to someone asking them to sign up for something, or even a message informing someone that you signed something that you pretty much regret (or not).
  • Speaking of ‘signing up’, bring in the ✒️ while telling someone that you aren’t prepared or okay with something or someone. Like, “You told me to watch your house. I didn’t sign up for this additional job! ✒️”.
  • Since there are no emojis for a ‘quill’, ✒️ would make do.

Other Names

  • ✒️ Fountain Pen Nib
  • ✒️ Pen Nib
  • ✒️ Pointy End of a Pen
  • ✒️ Quill
  • ✒️ Felt Tip
  • ✒️ Ball Point
  • ✒️ Stylograph