🛴 Kick Scooter


Push Scooter, Leisure Riding, Manual Scooter, Childhood, Toy, Traveling

🛴 Meaning: The profile description of a scooter with a pair of handles, connected to the bottom of the vehicle with a long pole-like structure. Below is the deck, a pair of small wheels, and a brake at the back.

The 🛴 Kick Scooter emoji suggests a manual mode of traveling that is generally used as part of a recreational routine. In most cases, this emoji signifies childhood and nostalgia, although many adults use it as well.

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How and When to Use the 🛴 Kick Scooter Emoji

  • Use 🛴 while posting pictures/videos of you or someone else gliding across the lane on their kick scooter. You could also do this while sharing pictures of your kick scooter or the one you gifted someone.
  • Even if you’re not uploading pictures of the kick scooter, just using 🛴 in any framework indicates that the vehicle in that context is a kick scooter. Like, “Got my little monkey a big present 🛴”.
  • While sharing nostalgic posts or posts dedicated to children, you can use 🛴 in the caption. For example, “All that our kids deserve is a spectacular adventure and nothing less 🛴”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting videos of kick scooter stunts, kick scooter memes, etc, kick the 🛴 emoji into that caption.
  • If you’re going out on a kickass kick scooter ride, and you’re texting someone about it or posting a social media story of the same, use 🛴.

Other Names

  • 🛴 Push Scooter
  • 🛴 Manual Scooter
  • 🛴 Segway
  • 🛴 Manual Segway
  • 🛴 Personal Transporter