⚗️ Alembic


Distillation, Vaporization, Purification, Liquid, Gaseous State, Science, Beaker, Round Bottom Flask

⚗️ Meaning: A round glass vessel with a short and thick cylindrical spout, placed over a black tripod stand while holding 1/4th of sea-greenish liquid. The color of the liquid would vary on different platforms.

The ⚗️ Alembic emoji represents a distillation alembic or a beaker that’s generally used for vaporization in science experiments. It can signify science as a whole, chemistry, boiling point, and gaseous state of matter.

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How and When to Use the ⚗️ Alembic Emoji

  • Distillation is essentially a scientific way of purifying liquid. So, you could use ⚗️ either in scenarios that are about the very aspect of distilling liquid or purification in any way. For instance, “I totally need a bath after watching that ⚗️”.
  • Similarly, ⚗️ works metaphorically for the concept of purification or a sense of striving to be pure too. For example, “Cleanse your heart and your thoughts will follow ⚗️”.
  • ⚗️ is used in chemistry (ahem). If you’re using ‘chemistry’ in a literal or figurative framework, you may include this emoji. Like, “All these catalysts and nothing could speed up our chemistry ⚗️” or “Nice work. But, I think there’s some chemistry missing between the elements ⚗️”.
  • Use ⚗️ while talking about the ‘boiling point’ of something or someone.
  • On a general note, ⚗️ would pretty much fit into a science-based context. In fact, introducing this emoji anywhere would be an invariable reference to science.

Other Names

  • ⚗️ Beaker
  • ⚗️ Distillation Flask
  • ⚗️ Distillation Alembic
  • ⚗️ Round Bottom Flask
  • ⚗️ Glass Round Bottom Flask
  • ⚗️ Round Bottom Container
  • ⚗️ Vaporizing Flask