🎟️ Admission Tickets


Admission, Entry, Allowance, Pathway, One-Way Ticket, Big Ticket, Golden Ticket

🎟️ Meaning: A pink ticket torn on both ends with a stamp denoting the ticket number and a box that says ‘Admit One’. The 🎟️ Admission Tickets signify tickets to an event, entry ticket, admission, allowance, and maybe even acceptance to a particular venue, destination, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🎟️ Admission Tickets Emoji

  • While telling someone or rather convincing them or helping them see the opportunity in a particular situation, you can use 🎟️. For example, “Dude. This is your one-way ticket to recognition, man 🎟️ Take it!”.
  • Also, if you don’t plan on returning from a trip or a vacation any time soon, or never, and you’re sharing a social media post/story of it or messaging someone of the same, use 🎟️. Like, “I’ve never fallen so deeply in love with a city. I think this one’s a one-way ticket after all 🎟️”.
  • If you’re texting someone close about a massive expenditure or investment that you paid for (or still are paying for), 🎟️ could be used. For instance, “I don’t think I’m rich enough to plan a trip right now, mate. The house was a big-ticket for me 🎟️”.
  • And last but deffo not least, use 🎟️ while letting that special someone know that you have an extra ticket or even while texting on the family group that tickets for that boring tour are booked.

Other Names

  • 🎟️ Pink Ticket
  • 🎟️ Yellow Ticket
  • 🎟️ Entry Ticket
  • 🎟️ One-Way Ticket
  • 🎟️ Big Ticket
  • 🎟️ Golden Ticket
  • 🎟️ ‘Admit One’ Ticket
  • 🎟️ Tickets