🙇‍♂️ Man Bowing


Gratitude, Apologies, Surrender, Praise, Dogeza, Reverence, Massage, Gym, Pushups, Devotion, Peace

🙇‍♂️ Meaning: A shoulder-length description of a man bowing down with his hands held in front of his face and the face looking forward, with a series of triangular marks on top of the head. These marks signify genuinity.

According to the Japanese ethic of the Dogeza, the 🙇‍♂️ Man Bowing emoji suggests deep gratitude and deep apology. Besides, it can also refer to a sense of devotion, surrender, praise, and in a strange sense, even lying down for a massage.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🙇‍♂️ Man Bowing Emoji

  • Send the 🙇‍♂️ emoji while asking for an urgent yet huge favor, like taking the dog for a walk while you finish your weekly shower or something. (You can use this emoji for much more serious stuff too).
  • If someone did return that favor, you can use 🙇‍♂️ as a way of being deeply grateful.
  • You can also use 🙇‍♂️ as a way of surrendering yourself to someone or something.
  • If something spectacular on social media post caught your eye, and falls in line with the things you love the most, then you can use 🙇‍♂️ as a way of saying that you’re down on your knees for it (a music band, art, photography, anything).
  • 🙇‍♂️ can also be used to show that you’re taking some time alone, to meditate, reflect, and basically away from all the noise.
  • If you’re at the massage center for some pampering, then you can use 🙇‍♂️ to show that you’re getting a massage (weird, but works).
  • In some other alternate universe, the 🙇‍♂️ emoji also works as a push-up gesture, you know, the exercise.

Other Names

  • 🙇‍♂️ Bowing Down
  • 🙇‍♂️ Bowing Man
  • 🙇‍♂️ Reverence
  • 🙇‍♂️ Gratitude
  • 🙇‍♂️ Apologies
  • 🙇‍♂️ Surrender
  • 🙇‍♂️ Massage
  • 🙇‍♂️ Asking For a Favor
  • 🙇‍♂️ Pushups
  • 🙇‍♂️ Devotion
  • 🙇‍♂️ Prayer
  • 🙇‍♂️ Introspection
  • 🙇‍♂️ Praise
  • 🙇‍♂️ Glorify
  • 🙇‍♂️ Blessed