👩‍🦰 Woman: Red Hair


Red Hair, Hair Dye, Natural Reds, Scottish Hair, Celtics, Bright Copper Tresses, Burnt Orange Mane, Auburn

👩‍🦰 Meaning: A generic face of a woman with side-parted red hair, this emoji refers to the women in the blessed 2% of the world’s population to adorn a red crown.

Although mostly suggesting natural reds, the 👩‍🦰 Woman: Red Hair emoji can suggest dyed hair too. It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 👩‍🦰 Woman: Red Hair Emoji

  • If you’re flaunting your own red tresses or that of someone close on social media, you can use 👩‍🦰 among your caption emojis.
  • 👩‍🦰 can also be used as an indication, either to your friends or your social media stories, that you’ll soon be rocking an auburn mane.
  • If you’re sharing posts that have gorgeous red hair in them, use 👩‍🦰 either before sending those posts (for added curiosity) or along with them.
  • While posting pictures of your recent and much-longed-for fiery red hair color, use 👩‍🦰 in your captions.
  • If you’re describing a red-haired woman on chat or trying to emojify your narration of an incident, use 👩‍🦰 in that conversation.

Other Names

  • 👩‍🦰 Red Hair
  • 👩‍🦰 Woman Redhead
  • 👩‍🦰 Woman With Red Hair
  • 👩‍🦰 Strawberry Blond
  • 👩‍🦰 Fiery Hair
  • 👩‍🦰 Copper
  • 👩‍🦰 Auburn
  • 👩‍🦰 Ginger Woman
  • 👩‍🦰 Ginger
  • 👩‍🦰 Deep Burgundy
  • 👩‍🦰 Burnt Orange
  • 👩‍🦰 Bright Copper
  • 👩‍🦰 Hair Colour
  • 👩‍🦰 Red Hair Dye