📼 Videocassette


Recording, Video Tapes, Storage, Evidence, Red Tape, Mix Tapes, Music, Memories

📼 Meaning: A rectangular cassette with a label box in between and a pair of reel spools twined with a reel underneath it. The 📼 Videocassette emoji signifies storage on one hand and recordings, memories, evidence, and maybe even and nostalgia on the other.

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How and When to Use the 📼 Videocassette Emoji

  • If you’re texting a confidante about some endless paperwork you went through or even a discussion about the latest form of strict rules that are completely unnecessary, you could use 📼 as a way of calling it red tape.
  • Similarly, 📼 is useful even while making a post caption or a punchline in a conversation surrounding the concept of ‘red tape’. Like, “Red tape has killed more people than bullets 📼”.
  • You could also use 📼 in the context of crime, literally or even figuratively (not sure why crime would be used figuratively, but okay). Like, “I saw it on the news! They’ve got her to confess on tape! 📼” or “Have you watched the Ted Bundy Tapes? 📼”.
  • Although it’s called a ‘videocassette’, 📼 can be used to refer to ‘tapes’, ‘mixtapes’, ‘recording tapes’, etc.
  • With that on the table, you could use 📼 while sharing the list on your mixtapes, a picture of a vintage tape recorder, or even a repost on audio cassettes.

Other Names

  • 📼 Tape
  • 📼 Video Cassette
  • 📼 Audio Cassette
  • 📼 Mix Tape
  • 📼 VCR
  • 📼 VHS
  • 📼 Video Tape