📹 Video Camera


Recording, Storage, Evidence, Leisure, Memories, Special Moments, Vacation

📹 Meaning: A camera with a grey body, a button, and a battery slot on the visible side of the description, while being characterized by a lens in front, a viewfinder at the back, and protruding edge of a box below it.

The 📹 Video Camera emoji represents a camcorder that is generally used leisurely during vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and other such special moments. It signifies memories, recordings, and recreational use.

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How and When to Use the 📹 Video Camera Emoji

  • If you’re the kind to video record the most, you could use 📹 when someone denies something (yes, blackmail – but a subtle and casual version of it). Like, “Um.. I’d beg to differ, coz, for the record, you DID pee your pants while you were drunk 📹” (bold words = wordplay).
  • Although a camcorder is a personal gadget of storage and recording, it acts as a powerful tool for evidence and proof. If you’re using this kind of concrete evidence in any context, bring in 📹 – “I don’t believe anything without proof 📹 Neither should you“.
  • Recording something or ‘going on record’ essentially signifies the officiality of something. If you’re sharing ‘official’ news that was personally recorded or forwarded you could use 📹.
  • While sharing videos that were recorded first hand on a camcorder, use 📹 in the caption. This works even for reposted videos that were shot on a video recorder and not a phone per se.

Other Names

  • 📹 Camcorder
  • 📹 Recorder
  • 📹 Video Recorder
  • 📹 Video Cam
  • 📹 Video Recording
  • 📹 Camera for Videos