🏅 Sports Medal


Participation, Sports, Activities, Consolation, Learning, Neutrality

🏅 Meaning: A round golden disc with an embossed star on it, held by a blue, white, and red strap in the middle, such that the upper part of the strap is worn by the one who wins it.

The 🏅 Sports Medal emoji is a generic medal, it could represent a consolation prize or even a participation medal won in any sport. This emoji could signify the essence of participating, whether one wins or not.

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How and When to Use the 🏅 Sports Medal Emoji

  • If you’re consoling someone that it’s the participation that matters, you could use 🏅. Like, “Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll get it next time. You’re always a champion, irrespective of what you win 🏅”.
  • If you’re sharing a product review post or a repost, where the product is not bad nor way too good, then 🏅 is a good way to go. For instance, “It’s a great concealer 🏅 Just not enough to conceal my insecurities”.
  • If you’re posting a picture of your participation in an event, you can use 🏅. For example, “Participated in something that’s not my strength. Felt good to lose and still learn something 🏅 “.
  • Also, 🏅 still works well in the caption for posts or reposts about an event that welcomes equal participation – “Participate! It doesn’t matter if you’re pro or not. Your presence is what matters 🏅”.

Other Names

  • 🏅 Medal
  • 🏅 Medallion
  • 🏅 Participation Medal
  • 🏅 Award
  • 🏅 Consolation Prize
  • 🏅 Neutral Medal