☎️ Telephone


Landline, Public Phone, Antiquity, Communication, Rotary Dials, Office Phone, Residential Number

☎️ Meaning: A red landline phone with a square dial consisting of nine numbers or just nine plain white squares, fitted with a red handset on top. On some platforms, this emoji is designed as a rotary dial set.

The ☎️ Telephone emoji represents the classic landline phone, rotary dial, or push-button landline phone that counts as antiquity today. It symbolizes communication that is generally used in public sectors and places such as offices, residences, phone booths, etc.

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How and When to Use the ☎️ Telephone Emoji

  • If you’re preparing the perfect answer for that “why don’t you ever call?” rhetoric, ☎️ may be a blessing. Here’s how – “You have a telephone too, don’t ya? It hardly takes 10 seconds to dial in known numbers ☎️”.
  • You could also use ☎️ while telling someone that someone else is on the phone – “She’ll call you back, relax. She’s been on the phone all morning ☎️”.
  • ☎️ is the perfect emoji to express telephone tag. For instance, “We played telephone tag for at least an hour ☎️ He wasn’t available when I called and I was trying to call him when he was trying me, ugh”.
  • You can use ☎️ while referring to phone booths too. Like, “I lost my phone and I waited forever to use the booth ☎️ But luckily I didn’t have to play telephone tag this time”.
  • If you’re indicating a landline number or a residential telephone number, ☎️ is mandatory.

Other Names

  • ☎️ Landline Phone
  • ☎️ Rotary Dial
  • ☎️ Phonebooth
  • ☎️ Dial
  • ☎️ Phone
  • ☎️ Rotary Phone
  • ☎️ Telephone Dial
  • ☎️ Red Telephone