📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow


Mobile Transfer, Incoming Calls, Incoming Text Messages, Communication, Connection

📲 Meaning: The same phone described in 📱 Mobile Phone, but with the only addition of an inward-facing red arrow starting from the right side of the phone. The 📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow emoji indicates incoming calls, text messages, notifications, or even information or bank transfer.

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How and When to Use the 📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re talking about the incoming call(s) you just purposely missed, use 📲. For example, “She just kept calling dude 📲. I just helplessly watched the phone until the call died out and then turned off my cell”.
  • Similarly, you may use 📲 even while informing someone that they will be expecting a call/message. For instance, “Um, about that. I gave them your number. So you might get a call in a day or two 📲”.
  • 📲 could also be used as a reference to mobile money transfers. Like, “Just sent you over my debt 📲 Now stop bugging me”.
  • If you’re talking about the power of social media, the speedy transfer of information, or just about how connected the current world is, please do use 📲 – “It’s a really really small world eh 📲📲📲📲”.

Other Names

  • 📲 Incoming Call(s)
  • 📲 Incoming Message(s)
  • 📲 Mobile Transfer
  • 📲 Phone Call
  • 📲 Pointing to Phone
  • 📲 Mobile Phone with Rightwards Arrow to Left
  • 📲 Phone With Arrow