🙊 Speak No Evil Monkey


Covering Mouth, Speechless, Shut Up, Keep Quiet, Shocked, Secretive, Apologizing, Oops, Awkward

🙊 Meaning: A brown monkey face with little ears, big eyes, and its cute paws covering the mouth. The character that inspired this emoji is part of the Three Wise Monkeys philosophy of Japanese folklore.

The 🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey emoji can be relatable on a lot of levels and not just evil. It also signifies keeping a secret, staying quiet, keeping it low, or just refraining from talking or even singing.

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How and When to Use the 🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey Emoji

  • If someone just told you a secret over text and they told you to take it to the grave, send this emoji in response, as a way of agreeing to the T.
  • You can also send this emoji to signal that a particular conversation, person, or even social media post left you speechless (mostly in a negative and awkward way).
  • Send this emoji if someone told you to stop being so nosy and asking so many questions.
  • If someone just told you that you sing bad, feel bad about it and send this emoji in return (then, show up at their place with something throwable 🙊). (jk).
  • This emoji can also be used in contexts where your POV is absolutely south of what the conversation is, just send this emoji.
  • It can be used to replace the phrase “Oops!” as well.

Other Names

  • 🙊 Speechless
  • 🙊 Voiceless
  • 🙊 Shut Up
  • 🙊 Apologize
  • 🙊 Keep it Low
  • 🙊 Keep a Secret
  • 🙊 Secretive
  • 🙊 Shocked
  • 🙊 Oops
  • 🙊 Sorry

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