😴 Sleeping Face


Zzz, Snoring, Bored, Tired, Sleeping, Sleepy, Asleep

😴 Meaning: A yellow face with deeply closed eyes, an ‘O’ for a mouth indicating a snore and a couple of the letter ‘Z’ on the corner of the head. These Zs are a cartoony way of showing sleep or being deep asleep.

The 😴 Sleeping Face emoji signifies super deep sleep, the kind with intense REM. This emoji suggests that someone just cannot be woken up or that you need to hit the sack. It can also signify boredom to a certain extent.

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How and When to Use the 😴 Sleeping Face

  • If you’re going to bed, send this cute emoji with a goodnight text.
  • Send this emoji as a response to a goodnight text with another ‘Goodnight’ text, of course.
  • If you’re talking about someone who’s fast asleep, send this emoji.
  • Send this emoji if you’re bored with the conversation, or just generally with life.
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to a cute sleepy photo/video of someone.
  • If there’s an orchestra of snores at home and you want to tell your bestie about it, send this emoji with a voice recording if you can.

Other Names

  • 😴 Sleepy
  • 😴 Fast Asleep
  • 😴 Zzz Face
  • 😴 Snoring
  • 😴 Snoring Face
  • 😴 Tired
  • 😴 Bored
    😴 Sleeping

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