🎢 Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster Ride, Carnival, Fun, Scream Fest, Ups and Downs, Taken For Granted

🎢 Meaning: A section of the entire roller-coaster ride shown with a few ascending poles that hold a yellow track which has a train-like open vessel accommodating a couple of visitors as it reaches the top of the track.

Carnival rides have many metaphorical and philosophical interpretations. The 🎢 Roller Coaster emoji could signify life (the ups and downs), something beautiful that also has its ugly sides, imperfection; which is indeed the beauty of perfection, and of course, a carnival.

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How and When to Use the 🎢 Roller Coaster Emoji

  • While texting someone about how a particular phase in your life was or has been a roller coaster ride, you can use 🎢. For instance, “Oh, man. She was in labor for 26 hours. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride 🎢 A precious one ❤.
  • Use 🎢 while explaining to someone about how a decision would have consequences or even while advising them on something. Like, “Everything in life would have a high, many lows and another high 🎢. Lesser highs than lows, which makes the best things all the more special”.
  • Similar to the 🎡 Ferris Wheel emoji, 🎢 too could be used to enhance the phrase “Taken for a ride“. For example, “I’m just done with her nonsense. She took me for granted for way too long 🎢”.
  • Use 🎢 while posting a picture of a significant memory that needed you to hustle until you got to the top. Like, “Seven years of unbridled hustling and I’m finally here 🎢”.

Other Names

  • 🎢 Ride
  • 🎢 Carnival Ride
  • 🎢 Roller Coaster Ride
  • 🎢 Bumper Car
  • 🎢 High Wire
  • 🎢 Highs and Lows
  • 🎢 Scream Ride
  • 🎢 Final Destination (sorry about that)