💈 Barber Pole


Hair Styling, Hair Cutting, Hair Dressing, Medieval Surgery (illicit), Brothel, Unruly Dental Procedures

💈 Meaning: A cylindrical post with flat ends on both sides (top and bottom), designed with spiral stripes of white, red, and blue. On some platforms, this emoji is curved at the top and flat at the bottom.

During medieval times and maybe even in recent times in some parts of the world, barber poles are used to navigate a barbershop. Hence, the 💈 Barber Pole emoji can represent a barbershop or even a disguised one.

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How and When to Use the 💈Barber Pole Emoji

  • If a DIY haircut picture or video sent by someone looks terrible and awfully done, you can send 💈 in response, indicating “Please get it done with a professional 💈”.
  • If you’re sharing your bad haircut or your haircut gone terribly wrong, then too, you could use 💈. For instance, “Tried something new. Terrible Fail. Need to rush to the salon now 💈”.
  • 💈 can be used to refer to any place that cuts hair; a barber’s shop, a beauty salon, a hairstylist’s parlor, etc.
  • However, 💈 does not refer exactly to cutting hair, because at the times when these poles were used, barbers were surgeons and unruly dentists too (circa the 1100s).
  • So, maybe, 💈 could be used while informing someone that you’re on the way to the dentist or that someone is in dire need of a dental appointment (primitive use case, but can work in the modern virtual world).

Other Names

  • 💈 Barber’s Pole
  • 💈 Barber’s Stop
  • 💈 Hair Cutting Place
  • 💈 Medieval Hairstylists
  • 💈 Dental Surgery of the 1100s
  • 💈 Barbery
  • 💈 Coiffeur/Coiffeuse
  • 💈 Hairdresser
  • 💈 Hairstylist
  • 💈 Beautician
  • 💈 Cosmetologist

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