🛤️ Railway Track


Tracks, Train Journey, Moving, Tracking, Back on Track, Traveling

🛤️ Meaning: A linear railway track with a parallel pair of rails lined with horizontal brown planks in between. On either side of this track are plants, shrubs, greenery, and hills.

The 🛤️ Railway Track emoji signifies traveling via train. It could also have other metaphorical use cases attached to it; like being on track, tracking someone or something, back on track, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🛤️ Railway Track Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone close about how you need to get back on track with your routine, you can use 🛤️. Like, “Man. It’s getting super annoying these days. Need to get my priorities straight 🛤️”
    Back on track & back in the game, bishes 🛤️” (for a picture caption).
  • Similarly, you can also use 🛤️ while advising someone to get back on track (everyone deserves a reality check and a smack in the face once in a while 🙂).
  • If you’re documenting your train journey or you’re just the kind to share social media stories from the moment you’re awake, you can use 🛤️. For example, “The journey is ALWAYS better 🛤️”.
  • Use 🛤️ while posting or reposting pictures/videos of trains, train journeys, etc. In the same framework, this emoji also works well even if your caption has the words ‘journey’, ‘tracking’, ‘track’, ‘trains’, etc.

Other Names

  • 🛤️ Rail Line
  • 🛤️ Railway Route
  • 🛤️ Tracks
  • 🛤️ Line
  • 🛤️ Railroad
  • 🛤️ Rail Route
  • 🛤️ Train Journey
  • 🛤️ Railways