🅿️ P Button


Parking, Leave, Secure, End, Halt, Press, Period, Stop, Enough

🅿️ Meaning: A bold ‘P’ in white on a rounded blue square. The 🅿️ P Button emoji largely signifies ‘Parking’ or ‘Parking Space’. However, this emoji passes as a decorative initial too.

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How and When to Use the 🅿️ P Button Emoji

  • While informing your readers/audience that there would (or wouldn’t) be parking facilities at an event you’re announcing, 🅿️ would be useful. For instance, “Parking facilities available for all vehicles 🅿️”.
  • Speaking of parking, you may even use 🅿️ metaphorically. Like, “Why don’t we settle it here? 🅿️ Park the disagreement immediately?” or “Please park thy boredom elsewhere 🅿️”.
  • Along with the ⏹️ Stop Button, you may even use 🅿️ as an emoji representation of the word and the action ‘period’. For example, “I’m not going anywhere with people I cannot get along 🅿️ or “You will eat healthy from now on! 🅿️ERIOD“. (or at the end of the sentence).
  • Since the ‘P’ in 🅿️ could be interpreted in more than just one way, you could use this emoji even while referring to the ‘Press’. Hence, 🅿️ could fit into any well-known word or aspect that begins with ‘P’.

Other Names

  • 🅿️ Parking
  • 🅿️ Parking Zones/Spots
  • 🅿️ Press
  • 🅿️ White P on Blue Background
  • 🅿️ Squared P
  • 🅿️ Period
  • 🅿️ Bold P on Blue Square
  • 🅿️ Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter ‘P’