🤓 Nerd Face


Nerdy, Intelligent, Geek, Smart, Genius, Charming, Sarcasm

🤓 Meaning: A yellow face with big glasses and a big smile with the front two teeth (buck teeth) popping out. Looking like a nerdy Freddie Mercury, this emoji refers to a state of being genius, creative, innovative or maybe even a book-worm.

The 🤓 Nerd Face emoji is suggestive of intellect, charm, knowledge, and wisdom. However, this emoji can also be a way of mocking someone for their looks as described by the emoji itself. It can be used both in a positive and a derogating sense (the latter is unpreferred).

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How and When to Use the 🤓 Nerd Face Emoji

  • You can use this emoji in exam conversations, or basically any situation that requires prior preparation.
  • This emoji can be used to show a personal achievement, like “I made it! 🤓”
  • If you’re looking for ways to seem cute and annoying at the same time, use this emoji repeatedly, in almost every text (it can successfully piss someone off too 🤓).
  • You can also use this emoji to describe someone nerdy or geeky.
  • If someone’s acting too smart, use this emoji as a way of sarcasm.

Other Names

  • 🤓 Nerdy
  • 🤓 Smarty Pants
  • 🤓 Intelligent
  • 🤓 Smart
  • 🤓 Nerdy Face
  • 🤓 Genius
  • 🤓 Book Worm
  • 🤓 Geek
  • 🤓 Sarcasm
    🤓 Nerds
    🤓 Glasses