👨 Man


Masculinity, Macho, Dude, Fellow, Him, He, Gentleman, Sir, Mister, Manly

👨 Meaning: A generic description of a man’s face with a clean shave and short, fringy hair. He has a mustache on some platforms. This emoji is a general reference to a human man, which can be a plural attribution too.

Although the 👨 Man emoji holds good for any conversation or situation that says ‘man’ (literally. We don’t do metaphors with genders). This emoji is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

How and When to Use the 👨 Man Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a post or story about an influential man, like a scientist, a singer, a sportsman, the president, anyone, you could use 👨 in the caption.
  • Use 👨 while texting someone close about a beautiful, cringe, or even gross encounter that you had with a stranger (a man, duh).
  • If you’re posting something for father’s day or international men’s’ day, anything related to a man, use the 👨 emoji as a generic emoji option (there are niche emojis too, not to worry).
  • If you met the man of your dreams and you’re finally revealing him to your friends or social media, you can use 👨 in the captions.

Other Names

  • 👨 Male
  • 👨 Dude
  • 👨 Fellow
  • 👨 Sir
  • 👨 Mr
  • 👨 Gentleman
  • 👨 Guy
  • 👨 Manly
  • 👨 Mustache
  • 👨 Masculine
  • 👨 He
  • 👨 Macho
  • 👨 Machismo (maybe)