🧳 Luggage


Traveling, Baggage, Suitcase, Belongings, Pack Up, Traveler, Trip

🧳 Meaning: A rectangular brown structure with a sparsely striped design and a handle on top. There are a couple of stickers on this suitcase. On some platforms, this suitcase is vertically rectangular.

The 🧳 Luggage emoji represents a suitcase. It signifies a vacation, an official trip, packing your stuff up, or someone else’s before you throw it out of the window. This emoji can also symbolize personal belongings.

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How and When to Use the 🧳 Luggage Emoji

  • If someone said something a little too unbelievable or something straight up pissing off, you can use 🧳 as a way of saying “Get outta here! 🧳”.
  • 🧳 can also represent “baggage”. So, if you’re denoting that someone or yourself has a lot of baggage (emotional and otherwise. Maybe just too many clothes), or you’re just sharing a picture(s) of your travel baggage, you can add 🧳 in those frameworks.
  • While sharing pictures/videos from your ongoing vacation or your most recent/most memorable holiday, you can use 🧳 in the caption or within a social media story too.
  • You can also use 🧳 to indicate that you’ll be out of town or gone for the weekend.
  • If you’re posting a picture of yourself that needs a caption/quote that evokes the idea of traveling and/or the characteristics of a traveler, you can bring the 🧳 emoji into that context. For example, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page🧳”.

Other Names

  • 🧳 Suitcase
  • 🧳 Baggage
  • 🧳 Bag
  • 🧳 Belongings
  • 🧳 Kit
  • 🧳 Gear
  • 🧳 Paraphernalia
  • 🧳 Travel Suitcase