🛅 Left Luggage


Lockers, Locked Suitcase, Traveling, Temporary Arrangement, Trust, Safety

🛅 Meaning: A blue square emoji, blunt at the edges and printed with a tiny suitcase within a square box that’s placed beneath a horizontally lying larger key.

The 🛅 Left Luggage emoji refers to the indication of temporarily leaving one’s luggage either in a designated spot, locker, or any such securement. This emoji could suggest storage, a nomadic lifestyle, or even travel.

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How and When to Use the 🛅 Left Luggage Emoji

  • From a generic POV, 🛅 could be used in the context of safety. For example, “What’s yours is at your own risk 🛅” or “You cannot be trusting randomly. Please keep your things safe 🛅”.
  • Speaking of ‘trust’, if you believe yourself to be trustable or trust-worthy, in other words, 🛅 would be a quirky addition to an ice-breaking conversation. Like, “Relax. You can trust me with your stuff 🛅” or “All your secrets are safe with me, brother 🛅”.
  • Basing on the name of the emoji 🛅, you may use this emoji while referring to the kindness of strangers too. For instance, “I forgot my keys in the cab. Poor guy safely returned it after driving miles 🛅” or “It’s almost impossible to find someone you can trust these days 🛅”.
  • If you’re indicating the availability of luggage lockers or any other safe, use 🛅. This would be applicable to other valuables apart from one’s travel luggage too; gold, money, savings, etc.

Other Names

  • 🛅 Locked Luggage
  • 🛅 Lockers
  • 🛅 Luggage Locker
  • 🛅 Bag With Key
  • 🛅 Locked Suitcase
  • 🛅 Left Suitcase Symbol
  • 🛅 Safety Locker

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