0️⃣ Keycap: 0


Zero, Nothing, Nil, Beginning, Scoreboard, Least, Low, Losing, Loss

0️⃣ Meaning: A white ‘0’ (zero) designed on a blunt blue square. The 0️⃣ Keycap: 0 emoji represents the zero digit on any electronic device. It signifies the number and a plethora of interpretations associated with it.

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How and When to Use the 0️⃣ keycap: 0 Emoji

  • Monetarily, a single zero is equated with nothing. So, if you’re referring to this ‘nothingness’ in any context, 0️⃣ would be a quirky addition. For example, “Nothing can come in my way! 0️⃣” or “Haha. Yeah. Thank you so much. For nothing, buddy. 0️⃣”.
  • 0️⃣ comes in handy when the post caption involves numbers and numbering in any way, like scores, scoreboards, numeric statistics, etc. Hence, if any of these digital outcomes are zero, feel free to use 0️⃣.
  • You could also use 0️⃣ while indicating that someone or something’s lagging behind, given that zero is pretty much the least number. Like, “Brother. You’re still at the start 0️⃣” or “I don’t see you winning 0️⃣”.
  • If you’re typing the scores of two or more separate parties, teams, and groups in a post/repost caption, use 0️⃣ to determine the current score. For instance, “Woohoo. My self-esteem is winning! My overthinking 0️⃣”

Other Names

  • 0️⃣ Zero
  • 0️⃣ Zero Digit
  • 0️⃣ Zero Key
  • 0️⃣ Nothing
  • 0️⃣ Nil
  • 0️⃣ Keycap Digit Zero