🈂️ Japanese ‘Service Charge’ Button


Katakana Sa, Service, Service Charge, Gratitude, Payment, Appreciation, Acknowledgment

🈂️ Meaning: A katakana sa printed in white on a blue button-like square. The 🈂️ Japanese ‘Service Charge’ Button conveys the message by the name itself. It suggests service charges that add up to the total amount of any purchased service.

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How and When to Use the 🈂️ Japanese ‘Service Charge’ Button Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a post or repost about the services you or someone you know are providing, you may add 🈂️ either as a replacement for the phrase ‘Service Charge’ or as a stand-alone symbol. Like, “The service charge would be added 🈂️” or “🈂️ 15 Rupees/Dollars/Yen”.
  • You could also use 🈂️ while speaking of ‘service’ in a literal or metaphorical context. For instance, “Service to others is the rent you pay for a room here on earth 🈂️” or “That’s the magic of giving. You do your bit, wholeheartedly, and leave the rest to the receiver 🈂️”.
  • If you’re texting someone or typing a caption for a social media post or story about how someone ‘was served’ right, then too, 🈂️ could come in handy. For example, “Serves these ignorant guys right! 🈂️”.
  • Although it states ‘service charge’ and creates an immediate image of monetary return, 🈂️ may even imply the act of service, as mentioned in the second point.
  • So, if you’re sharing a heart-warming post about service, or if you truly believe in the mantra of service, this emoji could fit in as an inclusion in your post caption/story or your profile/bio, or both!

Other Names

  • 🈂️ Service Charge
  • 🈂️ Katakana Sa
  • 🈂️ Squared Katakana Sa
  • 🈂️ Japanese Sign Meaning “Service” or “Service Charge”
  • 🈂️ The Act of Serving
  • 🈂️ Service/Serve