🈷️ Japanese ‘Monthly Amount’ Button


Month, Moon, Expenditure, Salary, Credits, Earning, Monthly Money, Savings

🈷️ Meaning: A pair of bold, white lines with stylized ends; the left extending a little in the same direction, and the right curving into the semi-box created by the third line that joins both at the top.

The 🈷️ Japanese ‘Monthly Amount’ Button emoji represents one’s monthly expenditure and monthly credits, like salary, payment, etc. Both ways, this emoji signifies monetary fulfillment, earning, spending, and saving.

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How and When to Use the 🈷️ Japanese ‘Monthly Amount’ Button Emoji

  • From the Chinese perspective, 🈷️ means the moon or the month. Kickstarting with the first; you could include this emoji while typing out all those deep or cheesy quotes involving the moon.
  • Secondly, 🈷️ falls into the Chinese interpretation for ‘month’. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re referring to finances in any way, 🈷️ can still be brought into any context that is monthly or per monthly (PM). Like, “It’s a new month 🈷️ Begin it with a new mindset!”.
  • And to the precise description of 🈷️; monthly amount – if you’re breaking down monthly expenses in the framework of a serious calculative conversation or in a creative post caption, bring in 🈷️.
  • You could also add 🈷️ while referring to ‘salary’ in a general manner. For example, “It’s not your salary that makes you rich 🈷️ It’s your spending habits” or “Money, to different people means different things. For me, it’s a monthly reminder that I’m pretty good at what I do 🈷️”.

Other Names

  • 🈷️ Salary
  • 🈷️ Month Expenditure
  • 🈷️ Monthly Money
  • 🈷️ Credited Money
  • 🈷️ Radical 74
  • 🈷️ Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6708
  • 🈷️ 月
  • 🈷️ Moon (Chinese)
  • 🈷️ Month