🈴 Japanese ‘Passing Grade’ Button


Pass, Passing Grade, Average, Move On, Agreement, Combine, Combination

🈴 Meaning: An alphabet pronounced as ‘Hē’ in Chinese and ‘Gō’ in Japanese printed in white on a red squared background. The 🈴 Japanese ‘Passing Grade’ Button emoji suggests two meanings; ‘to go’ or ‘to pass’ in Japanese and ‘to combine’ in Chinese.

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How and When to Use the 🈴 Japanese ‘Passing Grade’ Button Emoji

  • Since the name of the emoji 🈴 symbolizes the ‘passing grade’ you may use it while indicating the basic or average percentage, mark, or grade for passing to the next class.
  • You could also use 🈴 while indicating the action of going. This could work in any context that surrounds the same concept. Like, “Did you get a green signal for this? 🈴”, or “I said, GO! goddamnit 🈴”.
  • Passing a particular grade essentially signifies that one is ready for the challenges of the upcoming grade. So, if you’re applying this notion metaphorically, use 🈴. For instance, “You’ve got to go and grow through every phase 🈴 That’s when you’ll be worthy of the next”.
  • However, linguistically 🈴 offers an entirely different interpretation in Chinese; that of ‘combine’. For example, “You don’t have a really great idea until you combine two little ideas 🈴” or “It’s a combination of hard work, dedication, and passion 🈴 Not just passion alone”.

Other Names

  • 🈴 To Go (Japanese)
  • 🈴 To Pass
  • 🈴 Passing Grade
  • 🈴 Combine (Chinese)
  • 🈴 Agreement
  • 🈴 Japanese Sign Meaning ‘Passing Grade’
  • 🈴 Squared CJK Unified Ideograph – 5408
  • 🈴 合