💯 Hundred Points


Perfect, Wow, Awesome, Lit, Savage, Keeping it Real, Perfect Score, Well Said, Chills, Yaas

💯 Meaning: The number hundred with two short lines drawn under it, all in red. This emoji is not on a straight line, giving a humane touch to it – as this 100 is the kind that teachers use.

The 💯 Hundred Points emoji suggests a sense of perfection, being on point and smartly sarcastic. It can also signify being lit, legit, incredible, extraordinary, savage, and keeping it real.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 💯 Hundred Points Emoji

  • If you just came across something that you staunchly support and stand by, send this emoji as a reaction to that.
  • If someone said something brutally savage and you loved it, use this emoji in that context.
  • This emoji basically replaces the “I agree” phrase, so use it in such contexts.
  • Use this emoji when you witness something brilliant on social media.
  • It can also be used as a reaction to something that was well said; it can be a speech, a little pep talk, a political satire, anything.

Other Names

  • 💯 Keep it Real
  • 💯 Keeping it Real
  • 💯 Yaas!
  • 💯 Absolutely
  • 💯 OMG, WOW
  • 💯 Savage
  • 💯 Keep it 100
  • 💯 Perfect Score
  • 💯 Well Said
  • 💯 Hundred Points Symbol
  • 💯 Lit
  • 💯 Legit