🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Flag: Wales


Wales, United Kingdom, Welsh, Red Dragon, Cardiff, English

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Meaning: A rectangular flag horizontally divided in half, with the top half being white and the bottom, light-green. Occupying almost the entirety of this layout is a big, red, right-facing dragon.

The 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Flag: Wales emoji refers to Wales, a country in the UK or United Kingdom. On platforms that don’t support flag emojis, this emoji will appear as a 🏴 Black Flag, since this flag emoji is subdivisional.

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Other Names

  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Flag of Wales
  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh Flag
  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Baner Cymru
  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Red Dragon
  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Y Ddraig Goch