🇼🇸 Flag: Samoa


Independent State of Samoa, Samoan, Island Country, Western Samoa, Polynesia, Apia, Christianity

🇼🇸 Meaning: A red rectangular flag designed with a small navy blue rectangle on the top-left corner that’s vertically sprinkled in the center with five five-pointed white stars of varying sizes.

The 🇼🇸 Flag: Samoa represents the Independent State of Samoa, an island country in the Oceanian region of Polynesia. This emoji is shown as ‘WS’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇼🇸 Flag of Samoa
  • 🇼🇸 Flag of the Independent State of Samoa
  • 🇼🇸 Flag of Western Samoa
  • 🇼🇸 Samoan Flag
  • 🇼🇸 Country Code – WS