🇽🇰 Flag: Kosovo


Republic of Kosovo, Kosovan, Southeast Europe, Partially Recognized State, Pristina, Albanian, Bosnian

🇽🇰 Meaning: A rectangular navy blue flag with a golden/yellow print of the Kosovan map at the center and a slightly rounded semi-circle of six five-pointed white stars above it.

The 🇽🇰 Flag: Kosovo emoji represents the southeast European territory of Kosovo, officially known as the Republic of Kosovo. It holds the country code of ‘XK’ that appears in place of this flag emoji on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇽🇰 Flag of Kosovo
  • 🇽🇰 Flag of the Republic of Kosovo
  • 🇽🇰 Kosovan Flag
  • 🇽🇰 Kosovar Flag
  • 🇽🇰 Territorial Code – XK