🇷🇼 Flag: Rwanda


Republic of Rwanda, Rwandan, Rwandese, Landlocked Country, Kigali, Great Rift Valley, RW

🇷🇼 Meaning: An unequal triband placed within a rectangular flag that’s horizontally divided in half. The top half is sky-blue with a medium-sized yellow sun to the top-right, while the bottom half has two horizontal stripes; yellow and green.

The 🇷🇼 Flag: Rwanda emoji represents Rwanda; formally known as the Republic of Rwanda, a country in the Great Rift Valley. It is found at the junction met by the African Great Lakes and East Africa. This flag emoji is shown as ‘RW’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇷🇼 Flag of Rwanda
  • 🇷🇼 Flag of the Republic of Rwanda
  • 🇷🇼 Rwandan Flag
  • 🇷🇼 Rwandese Flag
  • 🇷🇼 Country Code – RW