🇷🇪 Flag: Réunion


Overseas Department and Region, France, Indian Ocean, France, Réunionese, Réunionnais, RE

🇷🇪 Meaning: A blue flag with a wide red triangle in the lower half, the base of which aligns with the lower length. The top half of the flag has five tapering yellow strokes, all emerging from the triangle’s tip.

The 🇷🇪 Flag: Réunion emoji represents Réunion; an Indian Ocean island and a French overseas department and region. This flag emoji is shown as ‘RE’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇷🇪 Flag of Réunion
  • 🇷🇪 Réunionese Flag
  • 🇷🇪 Réunionnais Flag
  • 🇷🇪 Country Code – RE