🇵🇼 Flag: Palau


Republic of Palau, Palauan, Island Country, West Pacific, Ngerulmud, Mostly Christian, PW

🇵🇼 Meaning: A sky-blue flag with a large yellow disc placed a little to the left from the center. The 🇵🇼 Flag: Palau emoji refers to the island country, Palau, formally known as the Republic of Palau. It is found to the west of the Pacific Ocean.

This emoji is shown as ‘PW’ on some platforms.PW

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Other Names

  • 🇵🇼 Flag of Palau
  • 🇵🇼 Flag of the Republic of Palau
  • 🇵🇼 Palauan Flag
  • 🇵🇼 Country Code – PW