🇲🇿 Flag: Mozambique


Southeast Africa, Republic of Mozambique, Indian Ocean, Mozambican, Maputo, Portuguese

🇲🇿 Meaning: A short, red equilateral triangle horizontally placed against the flag’s left border and designed with a yellow five-pointed star hosting the white illustration of an open book, overlaid by the silhouette of a left-facing AK-47 rifle and a right-facing mattock.

The rectangular flag continues with three horizontal stripes of emerald green, black and yellow, from the top to the bottom. The black stripe if highlighted by a thin white border on both lengths.

The 🇲🇿 Flag: Mozambique emoji refers to Mozambique or the Republic of Mozambique (from an official POV). It is a southeast African country and is shown with its country code ‘MZ’ in case this flag emoji is not supported by any platform.

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Other Names

  • 🇲🇿 Flag of Mozambique
  • 🇲🇿 Flag of the Republic of Mozambique
  • 🇲🇿 Mozambican Flag
  • 🇲🇿 Country Code – MZ