🇮🇲 Flag: Isle of Man


Mann, British Crown Dependency, Irish Sea, Great Britain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Manx, Douglas

🇮🇲 Meaning: A red rectangular flag with a symbol at the center, consisting of three legs attached to each other in a circular clockwise direction. All three legs are armored like knight legs.

The 🇮🇲 Flag: Isle of Man refers to the autonomous Crown Dependency called the Isle of Man or just ‘Mann’, in the Irish Sea. This emoji is shown as ‘IM’ on some platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇮🇲 Flag of the Isle of Man
  • 🇮🇲 Mann Flag
  • 🇮🇲 Manx Flag
  • 🇮🇲 Country Code – IM