🇪🇹 Flag: Ethiopia


Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Landlocked, Addis Ababa, Ethiopian, ET

🇪🇹 Meaning: A rectangular flag with a horizontal triband of deep-green, yellow and red along with a navy blue disc at the center, printed with the outline of a five-pointed yellow star and short spokes emerging from the interjections of the star.

The 🇪🇹 Flag: Ethiopia emoji refers to Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa; essentially the easternmost peninsular region of Africa. It is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This emoji is shown as ‘ET’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇪🇹 Flag of Ethiopia
  • 🇪🇹 Flag of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • 🇪🇹 Ethiopian Flag
  • 🇪🇹 Country Code – ET