🇨🇺 Flag: Cuba


Republic of Cuba, Caribbean, North, Havana, Cuban, Spanish, Cuban Island, Isla de la Juventud

🇨🇺 Meaning: A rectangular flag with a red horizontal triangle emerging from the left, designed with a white five-pointed star. The rest of the flag is further divided into five horizontal stripes of alternate blue and white.

The 🇨🇺 Flag: Cuba emoji represents the Republic of Cuba, also known as just ‘Cuba’; a combined country in the northern Caribbean. It consists of the Cuban island, Isla de la Juventud and other group of islands.

This emoji is shown as ‘CU’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇨🇺 Cuban Flag
  • 🇨🇺 Flag of the Republic of Cuba
  • 🇨🇺 Cuba Flag
  • 🇨🇺 Country Code – CU