🇦🇶 Flag: Antarctica


Continent, Frozen, Southernmost, Least Populous, Less Dense, Tundra Region, Research, AQ

🇦🇶 Meaning: A light-blue rectangular flag with a patch of white land, resembling the landmass of Antarctica. The 🇦🇶 Flag: Antarctica emoji is a symbol of the south-most continent on planet Earth. Although Antarctica is not a country, this emoji merely represents this part of the world.

This emoji is shown as ‘AQ’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇦🇶 Flag of Antarctica
  • 🇦🇶 Symbol For Antarctica
  • 🇦🇶 Antarctica Flag
  • 🇦🇶 Continent Code – AQ
  • 🇦🇶 Antarctic Flag