🪶 Feather


Birds, Quills, Writing, Calligraphy, Togetherness, Unity, Lightness, Carefree, Floating, Soft, Loving

🪶 Meaning: A generic description of a single feather that has probably shed off from a bird. This emoji vibrantly varies in color across platforms, thus referring to different aviary species.

The 🪶 Feather emoji can be a synecdoche for a bird, but it can also suggest writing, calligraphy, poetry, and other related themes (quill pens). It signifies freedom, lightness (physically or mentally), and a sense of floating around.

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How and When to Use the 🪶 Feather Emoji

  • Did you finally take that therapy session, and you’re feeling light after forever? Or did you lose a couple of pounds and your body feels like a feather? Or did you cut all that excessive hair and now you feel much lighter on the head? Anything with that feeling of being light can be accompanied with 🪶.
  • The above example can be shared as a post or even as a direct message (DM), like “Hey. So, I spoke to a therapist today. And guess what, I actually do feel a lot better 🪶.
  • Do you love tickles with a feather? Or do you love annoying someone with the same? Then, you can use 🪶 to denote that action in a virtual conversation. Besides, feathers can also have an erotic aspect to it.
  • If you’re sharing a calligraphic post either by you or a repost, you can use 🪶 in such captions. This applies even while posting or reposting poetry, quotes, and other such writings.
  • You can also use 🪶 while posting a picture of you with some birds, just the birds, or that of someone else with some birds. Basically, any post that has a physical bird in it.
  • If you’re posting something that has a central theme of ‘being united’ or ‘togetherness’, etc, you can use 🪶 aka birds of the same feather flocking together.

Other Names

  • 🪶 Light as a Feather
  • 🪶 Quill Pen
  • 🪶 Plume
  • 🪶 Plumage
  • 🪶 Retrix
  • 🪶 Remige or Remex
  • 🪶 Bird Feather

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