🐪 Camel


Tall, Enduring, Wednesday (“Hump Day”), Hot Weather, Thirsty, Survivability, Hardship

🐪 Meaning: The tall, brown body of a dromedary camel with its long neck and signature hump on its back standing on all fours, facing left. Also noticeable is its relatively small head and on the other end, its long tail that’s hairy at the end.

Widely known as the “ship of the desert”, the camel is known for surviving conditions of extreme heat and dust without needing water for long periods. This survivability of hardship is the main spirit of the 🐪 Camel emoji but it can also suggest other things like the lankiness of a person.

Different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji. Some display the camel looking straight ahead. This emoji is not to be confused with the 🐫 Two-Hump Camel emoji, but they can be often used interchangeably.

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How and When to Use the 🐪 Camel Emoji

  • Someone with an impressive stature can be compared to a camel using 🐪.
  • Wednesdays, known for being “hump day”, as it is midweek, can be represented using the 🐪 emoji.
  • Hot weather can be exaggerated to being as hot as a dessert with a 🐪.
  • When a person is enduring through hardship, they can be compared to a camel making it through the desert using 🐪.
  • In the most obvious sense, if the conversation literally includes a camel, there’s no better emoji than 🐪.

Other Names

  • 🐪 Dromedary Camel
  • 🐪 Arabian Camel
  • 🐪 One-Bump Camel
  • 🐪 One-Hump Camel
  • 🐪 Ship Of The Desert
  • 🐪 Desert
  • 🐪 Desert Animal
  • 🐪 Hump Day