🧱 Brick


Building Blocks, Pair of Bricks, Construction. Foundation, Toughness

🧱 Meaning: A pair of reddish-brown rectangular bricks stacked above each other, such that the lower brick is placed horizontally as the second one leans onto the former such that the top half is overshadowing it.

The 🧱 Brick emoji refers to one of the most important construction essentials. It can also suggest toughness, weaponry (in a goofy sense, definitely, phew), and many other famous phrases.

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How and When to Use the 🧱 Brick Emoji

  • While texting your bestie about how you or someone else shat bricks in the face of the most unfortunate or adverse situation/conversation, 🧱 is your pal. For instance, “Dude. The moment her dad picked the phone, I shat fkn diamond bricks, man 🧱”.
  • If someone you’re texting is making you want to throw a brick at them (virtually or not) or you’re texting someone else about how another person/conversation made you want to throw bricks, use 🧱 in that conversation. For example, “Yeah, that’s your opinion, alright. But that doesn’t stop me from throwing a brick in your face 🧱”.
  • If the picture you’re uploading needs a kickass quote that revolves around the themes of ‘being unstoppable’, ‘tough’, etc, you can use 🧱. You can use this context even while playfully texting someone about the feats of your strength. For instance, “Sticks and bricks may break my bones 🧱. But you can’t. Haha, you weak fool”.
  • On a usual level, you can use 🧱 while referring to bricks, the color of a brick (brick red/brick brown), construction, buildings, etc.

Other Names

  • 🧱 Bricks
  • 🧱 A Pair of Bricks
  • 🧱 Red Bricks
  • 🧱 Brown Bricks
  • 🧱 Cinder Block
  • 🧱 Brickwork
  • 🧱 Stone
  • 🧱 Cement Block
  • 🧱 Building Blocks