Currency Emojis – Famous Currencies of the World

The popular kids in the school of money

First of all, the following currencies are just the “famous” ones. There are tons of us who are represented neither on this list nor on the Unicode emoji list. Nonetheless, it is helpful to get your head around the existing currency emojis so that the world knows you’re referring to money, even if it’s not your own economy, and we’re here to assist you with that.

Heavy Dollar Sign Emoji

💲 Heavy Dollar Sign Emoji

The first and most popular currency symbol, the dollar sign. Heck, we even have a key on our keyboards for this one. Capitalism is so strong that a generic reference to money is usually fulfilled just by one 💲.

Dollar Banknote Emoji

💵 Dollar Banknote Emoji

Voila! The previous sign on a banknote! The American Dollar may not be the richest, but it sure is counted among them.

💵 is also commonly used while referring to wealth, earning, and economy, because 💲 is a lot more popular than the others 🙂

Yen Banknote Emoji

💴 Yen Banknote Emoji

Yen is the Japanese currency and ¥ is the symbol of that currency. Now, here we have a lot of Japanese moolah, in fact, a bundle of ¥ banknotes. But is it spendable? Gotta check your wallet for that.

Euro Banknote Emoji

💶 Euro Banknote Emoji

Although 💶 refers to the European currency, this mode of money is only used in 19 European countries out of 27 of them in total. But, this is the only currency emoji available for Europe and hence, it shall be generalized!

Chart Increasing With Yen Emoji

💹 Chart With Increasing Yen Emoji

An increasing economy is always a good sign, and here, the value of the Yen (💴) is increasing! This is the only emoji with an increasing currency chart.

There is the 📈 Increasing Chart emoji but it’s evidently different from 💹. One advantage of the latter is that this emoji is immediately understood in an economic light without verbatim.


Currency Exchange Emoji

💱 Currency Exchange Emoji

Because without this little dude you’ll never be a Roman in Rome. 💱 composes of the dollar sign (💲) and the sign of yen (¥), and is a mark of conversion and comparison too, maybe.

💱 consists of two different economic symbols coming together and it can be substituted for other currencies or even values and prices outside the realm of economy, where you’re not just weighing money.

Money is a means to the end, and not the end itself is a widely preached ideology. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the process to the end, and sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us alive and breathing. No matter what the reason is, you could always use these emojis on any virtual platform while referring money in any shape, size, and form.