🎒 Backpack


Schoolbag, Compact, Easy to Carry, Travel Bag, Hiking, Camping, Work Bag, Sack

🎒 Meaning: A right-facing red bag with two compartments, the small one zipped up on the front leaf and the large one, behind, forming a huge inverted ‘U’ zip. There’s a top handle followed by a pair of straps behind.

The 🎒 Backpack emoji mostly refers to a schoolbag generally sported by children to carry essentials. However, given its efficiency, this emoji could also represent a travel backpack, hiking backpacks, laptop bags, etc.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🎒 Backpack Emoji

  • If you’re suggesting that you have an early start to the next day, use 🎒. For example, “Alright. I’ll come, but I cannot stay for long, kay? Got to get our son and his mother to school 🎒”.
  • While dropping in your travel plans in conversations that asked for it, or while sharing social media stories of the same, use 🎒. For instance, “We’re going hiking this weekend!!! 🎒”.
  • If you’re sharing a post or repost about a limited sale or just information about a brand and its contents, you could use 🎒. Like, “Hurry up! Bag your limited-edition flasks ASAP! 🎒” or “Here’s what you could bag at our store this season 🎒”.
  • Even while texting someone that you ‘gtg‘, you could use 🎒 (if you’re heading out for a mini-vacation, a ride, or a getaway, that is) – “Okay, byeeeee 🎒 Catch ya later”.

Other Names

  • 🎒 Schoolbag
  • 🎒 Bag
  • 🎒 School Satchel
  • 🎒 Knapsack
  • 🎒 Rucksack/ Rucksac
  • 🎒 Sackpack
  • 🎒 Booksack
  • 🎒 Bookbag
  • 🎒 Backsack
  • 🎒 Hiking Bag