🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face


Zipped Lips, Keeping a Secret, Shut My Mouth, No Comments, Passive Aggressiveness, Can’t Talk

🤐 Meaning: The Zipper-Mouth Face emoji is a yellow face, with wide-open eyes and a zip for a mouth. It reflects the ‘Zip My Mouth’ phrase, where you just cannot talk or argue with another person because it feels like talking to a wall. It shows the act of refraining from reacting to a situation.

It can also be used to show that you can keep a secret since the lips in this emoji are zipped. Thus, conveying confidence to trust.

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How and When to Use the 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

  • If you’re in the middle of an argument on text and you just can’t take it anymore, send this emoji (it may act as a catalyst to the given fire, but that’s on you).
  • You can also use this emoji as a reaction to something you just have no comments on, or rather, do not want to have any.
  • The 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face emoji can be used to show passive-aggressiveness, annoyance, irritation, and detachment on text.
  • If someone told you a secret via text, use this emoji as an act of saying ‘I’ll never open my mouth about it’.

Other Names

  • 🤐 No Comments Face
    🤐 Zipped Lips
  • 🤐 Sealed Lips
  • 🤐 Keeping a Secret
  • 🤐 Lips Sealed
  • 🤐 Zipped Face
    🤐 Can’t Talk
    🤐 No Talking
    🤐 Shut Up

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