😒 Unamused Face


Annoyed, Straight Face, Grumpy, Duh, Unimpressed, Dissatisfied, Dislike

😒 Meaning: A yellow face with bored eyes looking to a corner, spaced-out and saggy eyebrows and a frowning mouth. This emoji shows a feeling of being bugged, annoyed and irritated.

The 😒 Unamused Face generally signifies a pissed off face that just wants the other person to shut up. It’s quite similar to the 😏 Smirking Face, but the mouth here makes the difference. It suggests a straight face, or in other words, a resting bitch face.

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How and When to Use the 😒 Unamused Face Emoji

  • As the name suggests, use this emoji to show you’re unamused by the conversation or the person itself.
  • If what the other person is texting is obnoxious and totally unnecessary, send this emoji to show that irritation.
  • If someone is bringing up the same old joke to ‘pull your leg’, send this emoji in the hope they’d understand to stop doing whatever they’re doing.
  • If someone’s trying too hard to be impressive, send this emoji to show how unimpressed you are with their effort and the result.

Other Names

  • 😒 Annoyed Face
  • 😒 Bitch Face
  • 😒 Straight Face
  • 😒 Dissatisfied
  • 😒 Meh
  • 😒 Grumpy
  • 😒 Unimpressed
  • 😒 Irritated
    😒 Dislike
  • 😒 Duh